Twin Zings Disposable Mini-Covers

What are they made of ?

Material: Covers are made from non-woven spunbond polypropylene (like surgical masks).The material is a barrier to bacterial and particles used as sterilization wrap, surgical draping and surgical gowns. Characteristics:

  • •light weight
  • •soft and comfortable
  • •breathable
  • •chemical free, won't irritate skin
  • •germ-proof

Twin Zings Disposable Mini-Covers

What are they ?

3" Disposable Mini Covers made of surgical mask material to provide protection from germs and bacteria at home, the office and when traveling. Great for use in hotels, on cruise ships and in public places.

  • Use them on
  • •telephone receivers – both ends
  •   ◦Your ears will appreciate the comfort!
  • •head phones
  • •door knobs
  • •toilet flusher handles
  • •soda cans/coffee cup/beverages
  • ◦Prevent your beverage from bugs and dirt
  • •Any place they fit!

Twin Zings Disposable Mini-Covers

Creative Ideas ?

  • •Protect your phone from hair dye
  • •Organizers for little things like jewelery or screws
  • •Cover eggs for easter or prevent eggs from rolling
  • •Cover tree ornaments for storage
  • •Digital camera screen cover (when not in use)
  • •Cover makeup containers to save your vanity counter


Mini Cover 10 pk $1.80

Mini Cover 100 pk $15.00

Handy Cloths by TwinZings

Super absorbent / Biodegradable / Reusable

Handy Cloths are Sponge cloths are super absorbent, biodegradable cleaning cloths. One cloth can replace 15 roles of paper towels! They can be cleaned in the washer, microwave and dishwasher and ready for reuse.

SKOY sponge cloths are made in Germany from cotton and wood pulp celullose harvested from sustainable forests. Dye and inks are non-toxic. The cloths are packaged in the USA using recycled paper by people with disabilities – The Arc of San Diego

Package of 4 Handy Sponge Cloths for $6.99!

BONUS: Sample mini-covers with Sponge Cloth purchase!

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